Unique features

Biostimulants are substances and materials that applied to plants, seeds or growth substrates in specific formulations have the ability to modify the physiological processes of plants by improving growth, development and / or response to stress and pathogens. The BIO-BOOST project was born with the aim of putting the dry fraction of the digestate back into circulation, transforming it into a specific biostimulant for different crops. The production technology makes it possible to instantly vary the physical treatment parameters (P, V, T) and the duration of the heat treatment in order to preserve humic acids and inoculated microorganisms. In the same cycle it is also possible to enrich the product with specific microelements and carry out a granulation with different diameters to meet the specific needs of the user. Production takes place on-demand according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring the integrity of the product and minimizing waste and pollution related to delivery and storage logistics.